Little Masonic Library.

Book I-V [in 5 Volumes]. Richmond, Virginia, Macoy Publishing & Masonic Supply Co., Inc. 1977. - Book I: The landmarks of freemasonry. Book 1 & Book 2 by Silas H. Shepherd. - Anderson’s Constitutions of 1723 by Lionel Vibert. - Masonic jurisprudence by Roscoe Pound. IV, 369, [3] w. S. - Book II: The comacines by W. Ravenscroft. - Modern masonry by Joseph Fort Newton. - The Morgan Affair and anti-masonry by John C. Palmer. - What really happened to William Morgan? - A Plausible „Story“ by Harold Van Buren Voorhis, 33°. - Mormonism and freemasonry by Mervin B. Hogan, P. M. IV, 331, [1] w. S. - Book III: A history of the York and Scottish rites of freemasonry by Henry Ridgely Evans, Litt. D. - Masonry and the Flag by John W. Barry. - The Great Light in masonry by Joseph Fort Newton. - Freemasonry in the American Revolution by Sidney Morse. IV, 317, [7] w. S. - Book IV: A master’s wages by Carl H. Claudy. - Great American masons by George W. Baird. - The three degrees and great symbols of masonry. - The ethics of freemasonry by Dudley Wright. V, [1] w., 321, [1] w. S. - Book V: The meaning of masonry by Albert Pike. - The old past master by Carl H. Claudy. - Masonry and Americanism. - Masonic poems. IV, 341, [7] w. S. Blaue OLwd.-Bände mit goldgeprägtem Rücken- und Deckeltitel.

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