Torrens, R[obert] G[eorg]:

The Secret Rituals of the Golden Dawn. New York, Samuel Weiser Inc. 1973. With frontispiece and 73 figures. 304 S. OPapp-Band mit goldgeprägtem Rückentitel, mit illustriertem OUmschlag.

Küntz 332. - First American edition. Vgl. Clarie (1978) 1687 & (1984) 3611 (Edition: Wellingborough 1973 & 1977): „This work includes texts of some of the rituals, edited from original manuscripts. The Orders’ rituals and ceremonies, which were related to the Qabalah system of philosophy, are here published for the first time in their original form“. „[...] taken from manuscripts dated 1899. This means that the manuscripts were compiled before the split in the Order which caused its disintegration and the alteration of the teachings at the beginning of this century. The Golden Dawn was founded in the late nineteenth-century by a number of learned Masons who were well versed in Rosicrucian knowledge and occult teachings which were not available to the general public of that time. [...] The members based the structure of the Order on a Masonic format, but used the Qabalah system of the Tree of Life as the plan which allowed the corelation of the various occult correspondences to the ceremonies“ (Excerpts from dustjacket). With Bibliography and Index. - Umschlag etwas fleckig und gering eingerissen, Einband minimal fleckig, innen sauber.

Schlagworte: Magie / Golden Dawn

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