Ward, J[ohn] S[ebastian] M[arlow]:

The Sign Language of the Mysteries. 2 Vol. [London] Published by The Baskerville Press., Ltd. 1928. Gr.-8°. With 136 illustrations on plates [some coloured], 20 illustrations in the text, and book decoration printed in red, green, and gold. - Vol. I: 2 Bl., XIII, [1], 120 S., 1 w. Bl. - Vol. II: 2 Bl., VI, [S.121]-245, [1] w. S. Rote OLwd.-Bände.

Goodland S.637. - Edition limited to 1000 numbered sets (copy without No.). - Ein Nachdruck erschien 1969 in New York mit dem Umschlagtitel „Signs and Symbols of Freemasonry“, vgl. Bayreuth S.490. - Schors Cat.139,181: „One of the most interesting and beautiful works on the use of signs and symbols throughout the world. Especially those hand and body signs which are universally used within secret societies.“

Schlagworte: Symbolik / Freimaurerei / Masonica

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