Carey, Dr. George Washington / Perry, Inez Eudora:

The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation. Part one by Dr. George Washington Carey. The relation of the mineral salts of the body to the signs of the zodiac. (Fourteenth and memorial edition). Part two: An esoteric analysis and synthesis of the zodiacal signs and their physiochemical allocations. By Inez Eudora Perry. New York, Samuel Weiser, Inc. 1977. Third Impression. Gr.-8°. With folded coloured frontispiece, and 1 folded coloured plate. 352 S. OLwd. mit OUmschlag.

Vgl. Pritchard 2472 (edition 1948). - Part one: p.5-44. Part two: p.45-336. With index (p.337-352). The frontispiece with the: „Astro-chemico-physiological and chromatic chart“ and the plate with the „Chart of cosmic & microcosmic embryos. / The path of the sun in both hemispheres“ by Inez Eudora Perry“. „Dr. Carey researched extensively on the relation of mineral salts of the body to the Signs of the Zodiac. His partner, Inez Eudora Perry, devoted her study to esoteric analysis and synthesis of the Zodiacal Signs and their physico-chemical allocations. The result is the unique work, which answers all the questions that may arise regarding the cell salts. In Part One, Dr. Carey gives a brief and concise outline of the twelve Signs of the Zodiac. He not only relates the symbology of each Sign, but clearly indicates the salts to be used to overcome any specific dis-ease. In Part Two, Inez Perry enlarges on Mr. Carey’s work, discussing the physico-chemical analysis. She deals, at length, directly with both the symbolism and the actual use of each mineral salt.“ (Klappentext). - Gutes Exemplar.

Schlagworte: Astrologie / Alchemie / Medizin / Biochemie

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