Boylan, Patrick:

Thoth, the Hermes of Egypt. A Study of some aspects of theological thought in Ancient Egypt. Oxford, Oxford University Press, Special edition for Sandpiper Books Ltd., London 1999. Gr.-8°. [251 x 161 mm]. VII, [1], 215, [2] S. Verlagsanzeigen. OPp. mit goldgeprägtem Rückentitel und OUmschlag.

Originally published in 1922. Contents: 1. The name of Thoth. 2. Thoth in the legends of Osiris and Horus. 3. Thoth and the Enneads of Heliopolis. 4. Thoth and Re in the Solar barque. 5. Thoth as lunar deity. 6. The symbols of Thoth. 7. Thoth as the representative of Re. 8. The special functions of Thoth as Lunar divinity. 9. Thoth as founder of social order and sacred ritual. 10. Thoth as author of the „Divine words“. 11. Thoth the all-knowing. 12. Thoth as Creator. 13. Thoth in magic. 14. Thoth as god of the dead. 15. Thoth in Egyptian ritual. 16. The chief temples and shrines of Thoth. Appendix A. List of proper names in which the name of Thoth appears. B. Epithets of Thoth. C. Some divine associates of Thoth. Additional notes. - Gutes Exemplar.

Schlagworte: Mythologie / Vorderer Orient

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