[Moore, Charles Whitlock / Carnegy, S. W. B.]:

Trestle-Board. A facsimile reprint of the original Trestle Board published by the Baltimore Masonic Convention of 1843, with foreword by Dwight L. Smith, P.G.M., Grand Secretary Grand Lodge F. & A.M. of Indiana. Bloomington, Illinois, published by The Masonic Book Club, A Not-for-Profit Corporation of Illinois 1978. With 3 plates. XVI, 110 S. Blauer OLwd. mit goldgeprägtem Rückentitel und Deckelgoldprägung.

Volume 8A of the publications of The Masonic Book Club. - Copy No.1130 of an edition of 1200 copies numbered for members of the Masonic Book Club. - Contents: Preface by Alphonse Cerza and Louis L[enway] Williams (p.v-vii). Foreword by Dwight L. Smith (p.xi-xvi). Facsimile reproduction of: „The Masonic Trestle-Board, adapted to the National System of work and lectures, as revised and perfected by the United States Masonic Convention, at Baltimore, Maryland, A. L. 5843. By Charles W[hitlock] Moore & S. W. B. Carnegy. Boston: Published by Charles W. Moore 1843.“ (p.1-87, [1] p., with 3 plates). Reproduction of (Circular). A broadsite written and circulated by Charles W. Moore, Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, in defence of the publicatio of the Trestle-Board (p.89-109). Colophon (p.110). - „We direct your attention to the text of the Circular appearing at the end of the facsimile itself. This is one of the most interesting developments of the convention. Brother Moore, Grand Secretary of Massachusetts, had a disagreement with Brother Dove, Grand Secretary of Virginia, and this story is told in the Circular. It is the most interesting part of the whole volume, and is a very rare itim, with perhaps no more than a half dozen copies surviving“ (p.vii). - Über Charles Whitlock Moore (1801-1873) und seine Schriften siehe Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry (New edition, revised and enlarged by Robert I. Clegg, 1950), II, S.679; Coil S.422 und Denslow, 10,000 famous freemasons III, S.223. Zur seltenen Originalausgabe von „The Masonic Trestle-Board“ von 1843, welche sich nicht bei Wolfstieg findet, siehe: Bücherverzeichnis der Großen Landesloge der Freimaurer von Deutschland Deutsch-Christlicher Orden zu Berlin 1931, Nr.1071. - Ecken minimal bestoßen, Innendeckel mit Freimaurer-Exlibris.

Schlagworte: Freimaurerei / Masonica

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