Tucker, Robert C.:

An Age for Lucifer. Predatory Spirituality & The Quest For Godhood. Edmonds, WA, Holmes Publishing Group 1999. First Edition. 1st Printing. 382, [2] w. S. Illustrierte OKartonage.

Cover-text: „The book describes the nature and the emerging psychology of a new religion. Robert Tucker asserts further that this faith is about to enter public conciousness as a real spiritual option for those inclined to follow it. Beyond that, Tucker shows that the religion is not so remote from us because powerful scientific, historical, philosophical, and psychological movements actually support and encourage its emergence (including Social Darwinism). It may be the real, if unacknowledged, spirituality driving our modern culture, Darwin asserted that all beings compete with other beings for life, that a predatory hierarchy exists, and that only the strongest and fittest survive. The new religion of Luciferism simply extends Darwin’s vision to include not only biological life on this planet but the higher realms of spiritual attainment and apotheosis as well.“

Schlagworte: Philosophie / Psychologie / Satanismus / Ethik

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