Gruber, Johannes Tassilo:

Die 22 großen Arcana des JTG Tarot. Hannover - München, Johannes Tassilo Gruber [1987/88]. 22 Blatt [140 x 70 mm]. In Original-Schachtel.

Exemplar Nr. 019 einer Auflage von 333 Exemplaren. Jede Karte im unteren Rand vom Künstler eigenhändig in Bleistift beschriftet und signiert JTG. - Vgl. Kaplan III, S.269: „Symbolic objects are placed in dramatic compositions in the tarot designs of West German artist Johannes Tassilo Gruber. The black and white Major Arcana were made in 1986[-87] and published in a limited edition of 333 sets in 1988.“ - Adam McLean: alchemywebsite Tarot Weblog:1 September 2010: „In the last week or so I have managed to buy some tarots from a collection that was being sold off, that fill some gaps in my own collection. Among these is the JTG tarot by the German artist Johannes Tassilo Gruber in 1987. His original line drawings can be seen in Kaplan's Vol 3 page 269. Gruber must have reworked these into more detailed pencil drawings which model the surfaces, making his geometric forms appear embedded in three dimensions. He has a mastery of perspective and these difficult to visualise surfaces appear convincing and real. At first glance one might see this as mere surrealist abstract forms, but on more considered examination one realises that he uses geometric forms to abstractly model the tarot imagery. He makes many references to kabbalistic ideas, the four elements, the planets and the zodiacal signs, so this can be seen as a magical and esoteric deck expressed through geometric images. In my copy each card has the title, number and artist's signature added in pencil after the printing. One wonders that, after printing the cards, he thought the imagery required him to identify the individual cards. Hand labelling all 22 cards of the full edition must have taken a considerable amount of time. The edition size is 333, a reasonably large edition for an art tarot, but I have never seen a copy on sale. So when one appeared on the list of a collection being sold, I immediately bought it.“ - Wohlerhaltenes Exemplar.

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