Clark, Anthony / Willis, Tony:

The Magickal Tarot. A complete package of 78 cards, plus The Magickal Tarot Handbook by Tony Willis [cover-title of the box]. - Pack contains: Willis, Tony: The Magickal Tarot Handbook. [Illustrated by Anthony Clark]. London, The Aquarian Press, An Imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers [Aquarian/Thorsons] 1992. With illustrations in the text. 192 S. Farbig illustrierte OKartonage. - And: 78 coloured Tarot Cards by Anthony Clark. [120 x 80 mm]. In farbig illustrierter OKunststoff-Kassette.

For the cards, see: Kaplan III, S.595 und 603/604. - „The Magickal Tarot was inspired by the Book of Thoth Tarot painted by Lady Fridea Harris Harris unter direction of Aleister Crowles. The deck, by Anthony Clark, was published in 1986 by Aquarian Press, Wellingborough, England. The designs have a schematic, almost rigid structure, with figures bounded by geometrical frames. In the corners of the Major Arcana are Hebrew letters, and the Minor Arcana corners have sigils of the elements: air for swords, fire for wands, water for cups and earth for disks. The back design has a geometrical pattern against which are four disks symbolic of the elements.“ (Kaplan). Vgl. auch: Eckhard Graf, Lexikon des Tarot Nr. 96. - Sehr gutes Exemplar, Karten unbenutzt.

Schlagworte: Tarot / Orakel- Wahrsagekarten

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